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Five Postcards from Dingo, Wyoming

By Gary Glass From Issue No. 8

Naveen — I should have told you this before I left but I'm not coming home. You know what a coward I am. But I made it to Wyoming. As you can see. It's really beautiful here. Maybe I'll get inspired to grow up finally. Also I changed my cell. Anyway I'm going to be off the grid. Some day I might work up the nerve to call you. Don't count on it. Feed the cat. — Adam

Naveen — The world is a terrible place. It's been pissing rain for a week and I've been stuck in the same shitty motel for a week and I've got a cold and there's nothing going on but a bunch of drunk cowboys revving their engines in the parking lot. I fucking hate you. I don't know why I'm writing this. That's how desperate I am. Don't forget to leave scraps outside for the cat. — Adam

Naveen — Wyoming is huge. It finally stopped raining so I could start my hike. That was six days ago I think. I'm lost. Also I sprained my ankle. There's no way I can ever mail this but maybe somebody will find it on my body and send it for me. I said I probably wouldn't call. Also, I apologize for calling you a fuckstick when you told me I'd die out here. You always have to be right. I hope you will take care of that poor cat. In memoriam. — Adam

Naveen — So that scene in The English Patient where Ralph Fiennes leaves Kristen Scott Thomas in the cave to die? You should be so lucky. Some guys found me and went for help and they Medivacced me out which is when I thought about our movie. Well I'm still in the hospital and I've just noticed how much life is not like a movie. People don't go out in the wilderness and find themselves. I'm still here. Somewhere. I'm sure you forgot about the cat when you thought I was dead. — Adam

Naveen — I was high on painkillers when I wrote you before. Whatever I said — Anyway I'm staying with the couple that saved me now. They own a ranch. They're the good kind of cowboys I guess. They're teaching me to ride. I won't write to you again. Give your mother a kiss from me please. She's a crazy bitch but she was always on my side. Kiss her anyway. Also I forgive you. Cat. — Adam

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