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Issue 8

Release Date: Jul 29, 2022

To ride the Mt. Outlook Railway is to be transported into an unforgettable, unrememberable era of superpositional luxury, which is why it has continued to enchant passengers from all over the worlds: from Sandpoint, Idaho all the way to the Devil’s Singularity. Features fictional, poetic, and nonfictional wordworks by Michelle Ross, Lincoln Michel, Casey McConahay, Greta Hayer, Laura McGehee, Marisa Crane, Matthew Chamberlin, Gary Glass, Samuel Zagula, Mary Lynn Reed, Tom Roth, Daniel Galef, Soramimi Hanarejima, Michael P. Moran, Claire Hopple, John Riebow, Rebecca Higgins, Billy Thrasher, Franklin K.R. Cline, Shawn Delgado, Bernadette Geyer, Zakiyyah Dzukogi, Satoshi Iwai, Kyle E Miller, Rae Rozman, Robin Gow, Constance Bacchus, and Xavier Reyna.

  • 2PM Telepsychiatry Appointment/F. Abelsen/Visual Hallucinations Triggered by Anxiety/Possible Synesthete
  • A Toaster
  • Downtown
  • Feed Us to the Swans
  • Five Postcards from Dingo, Wyoming
  • Hansel and Gretel’s Teeth
  • I’d Just as Soon Kiss a Wookie
  • In Yon Black Struggle You Could Never Know Me
  • Mason Jar
  • Modern Cognition
  • Siren Island
  • The Classification of Living Things
  • The Magic Cloak
  • The Wives of Artur Ellis
  • What’s Wrong with Janet?
  • A Prisoner of Portmeirion
  • Tell Me
  • The Fight for Normalcy
  • a brief self-history
  • Bliss in bottle
  • do not feed the animals [i]
  • do not feed the animals [ii]
  • flying chef
  • Franklin K.R. Cline Walks Into a Bar [I]
  • Franklin K.R. Cline Walks Into a Bar [II]
  • Franklin K.R. Cline Walks Into a Bar [III]
  • full fathom
  • gulping
  • Halley’s Flower
  • kobe & hakeem
  • Parable of the Miracle Tree
  • sailing away
  • she hires a conspiracy of ravens
  • the crow is eating cake not stocking
  • the old crow cleans the bathrooms w/bleach & a hose once a week/ to keep the sign on the hwy
  • the vultures run a wake, an old plastered gas station/
  • Untitled [I]
  • Untitled [II]
  • Untitled [III]
  • Views from the Inside
  • We do not make doilies upon which a delicate teacup may rest breathing steam
  • When I was a little boy