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from Letters to the Moon

By Nathan Parker From Issue No. 3

Dear moon I still exist even

when it’s cloudy for

we see now selfishly, as through a mirror of water vapor,

but hang

in there, I will write you another letter.


Dear moon do you remember how I told

you one time I would never worship you

on an airplane? Well lately I find myself

finished with the bulk of my paperwork.

When these bilingual flight attendants

cease their snoring, do you wait for me.


Dear moon what I always feared would happen


When it was over,

I no longer loved


My kind landlord

had bought me a bike so I pushed it to the coast

and did some

mattress shopping. Here, everything must



Dear moon our relationship feels different, here

on this tan paddle boat

tossed to

and fro by the indifferent wind

and waves.

I can’t tell if I feel closer to you or if I hate you.

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