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Outlook Springs Issue 3 Cover

Issue 3

Release Date: Jun 5, 2017

Issue 3 of Outlook Springs is a rousing romp through the corporate world of Wil-Mert Ventures Intercorp (in the form of an employee handbook) that somehow happens to contain skillfully-crafted wordwork by Stephen Wells Brand, Reno Evangelista, Brian Evenson, Meg Frances, Saquina Karla C. Guiam, Courtney Hartnett, Nathan Hillstrom, Jessica Fordham Kidd, Paul Lisicky, Jennifer Martelli, Melissa McDaniel, Jason Morphew, Thylias Moss, Leah Mueller, Jonathan Muzzall, Nathan Parker, Cynthia Plascencia, Aimee Pokwatka, John Reinhart, Cindy Rinne, Kascha Semonovitch, Abhishek Sengupta, and Dorothy Sjöholm.

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