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Through an Ashbery

By Josh Lefkowitz From Issue No. 4

Today the White House announced this year’s
recipients for National Humanities Medals and
John Ashbery got one of course he did everyone
I know seems to love Ashbery no hold on not true
most people I know do not know Ashbery! But
what I mean is that the poets whom I know who
know him love him most of them do anyways
but I have not yet gotten into his work I like
Frank O’Hara better you already know that
but maybe one day I will like Ashbery I really
haven’t even spent that much time with him
yet so who knows I got David Lehman’s
Daily Mirror today at the used bookstore
he wrote a poem a day like how I’m doing
so it feels good to get my hands on his
goods so to speak and I wouldn’t have
even known of Lehman before but I’m learning
a lot this year so who knows perhaps
in time I will go through an Ashbery
phase people change you know they grow
and their tastes develop over time hell
I’m friends with people on Facebook
from high school that I was not friends
with while in high school so maybe one day
I’ll ‘like’ Ashbery but then again
some things never change for example
I will never accept Sean Silver’s friend request
anyways John Ashbery congrats on your medal
and Sean Silver if you’re reading this fuck you.

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