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the vultures run a wake, an old plastered gas station/

By Constance Bacchus From Issue No. 8

i. used to be a feed store she is a nice lady turkey vulture. refuses to rotate stocks new stuff in front. when they throw out expired goods she fills her car. there’s water to drink there are so many travelers. ii. sell hunting & fishing permits there are payphones & party lines. a raven comes out. laughs the first time a wren runs his bike over the bell. threatens to call his parents the 3rd time. pretends to write home on an empty piece of paper. iii. guns grandfathered in until he let them lapse/his father never let him forget it/there’s always something/is monogamous this is recent. a turkey vulture haunts the legion every night. hangs loose. walks clumsy, waddles. his spouse shows him the gun. his girlfriend drinks fast.

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