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Send This to the Immune Officer: After Alfred Starr Hamilton

By Gia Grillo From Issue No. 5

Send this to the Immune Officer,

NOW should be


The editors have done this deliberately to undermine me.


farther should be further.

when should be then

then should be than

this should be that

there should be they are

glaze should be gaze

staple should be stifle

gleaming should be gloaming

The editors have apologized.

The editors have APOLOGIZED for making the same mistake,

  The same MISTAKE twice.

crazed should be crave crave should be carve

weathered should be withered bowls should become bowels

disemboweled should become disembodied vices should become voices

loved should become loathed winding should become dwindling

whore should have been who’re dire should have been dare

fair should be fire foul should be fear

corruption should be constitution constitution should be constipation

Christ should read as Christian mule should be read as mewling

These phrases have been edited with malicious intent.

Send this to the immune officer,

I am immune.

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