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sailing away

By Satoshi Iwai From Issue No. 8

From morning till night, even while sleeping in the bed, the old man is always wearing a sailor suit, although he is not and has never been a sailor. His dementia is getting worse day by day. Of course he doesn’t notice it. The crows are perching on the TV side by side. He doesn’t notice it too. The old man chops pineapples in the kitchen. He believes that the name of new Eden is hidden in a pineapple, so he chops dozens of pineapples every day. The kitchen is filled with the smell of rotten fruits. Whenever he buys new pineapples, the greengrocer gives him a puzzled smile. Every night the old man roams around the town. He takes different routes each time, but when looking down from the moon, all of them show the contours of various ships. In his brain, his blood flows as slowly as a large river. It will reach the ocean before long.

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