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Parable of the Miracle Tree

By Bernadette Geyer From Issue No. 8

And lo, there appeared in the tree in the nursing home lobby a set of dentures, which fit the mouth of one resident as if it were his own. He bit. And the biting was good. The next day, there appeared in the tree a pair of spectacles, lenses round as the world and ground to focus the sight of one who but for them would be blind. And her sight begat belief. Photos of loved ones began to alight on the branches along with charms and trinkets, the occasional shoe. Nothing was ever lost that the tree did not give back to them. It came to pass they called it Miracle Tree and worshipped, numb with wonder, beneath the laden branches. Hearing aids. Amlodipine. Capsaicin tablets. A lock of hair clutched by a nearly translucent silk ribbon. Daily, the tree filled with what was necessary. Daily, the residents rejoiced at their blessings.

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