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Interlude (Edinburgh)

By Alrisha Shea From Issue No. 5

no, there is no hallowed

ground, and no– we owe

tradition no reverence.

no, the dead are not live

and the live are not dead,

and no, this is no uncommon

truth. no, the graveyard

picnickers are breaking no

rules, and no, nor should

they be. why embalm bodies?

why build tombs? no, no,

hold no breath for the dead for

the dying are dying and the living

are jealous, and child, we haven’t

had a major miracle in years.

get back to your dinner, boy,

gobble up your ashes and lichen

and wipe off those tears. No

iron fences here, no buried-alive

bells. no, don’t watch the crows

gobble their carrion. no, they’re no

more envious than you or I. the truth

of funerals and feasts is we’re

all jealous of what’s been placed in front

of us. child, we haven’t had

a major miracle in years. stop

that praying. give up your death-wish.

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