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Index of Problems

By Priya Keefe From Issue No. 1
  1. A certain child’s near point is 10.0 cm; her far point, 2 continents.  Calculate the power of the eyeglass lens this child should use for relaxed distance vision.  pg 0
  2. A typical eardrum has a diameter of 8 to 10 mm.  Determine the relationship between the threshold of hearing and the threshold of pain.  pg 1
  3. An 80.0 kg weight-watcher climbs a mountain.  At what elevation will the person be able to sit under gull wing shadows in the spaces of earth-sea-air music?  pg 8
  4. Disprove the following: equation ≠ world « poem « world.  pg 3
  5. A child in the hall waits 29 years to be noticed while Ella’s voice swirls at the rate of snowfall. Babies are born into a bath of sugared milk.  If nine million people are murdered while couples jitterbug, what color is light from the Grand Canyon?  pg 0
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