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By Nailah Mathews From Issue No. 7

i remember     daisy chains,  and    neon

something was blue, and    shimmered   with light

green and holy     yellow. 

hanging from the ceiling   she was there and   flirting with me

when her butterfly wings  blinked at me,  she seemed to

  always float

  a few feet




i remember a white baby turning

  black  as his wetnurse.

i saw him throw  four hundred thousand yellow marbles

  for the one

that came out

blue,     i

  saw the Merciful God of Murdered Children;

i  saw ash grey tree branches and their   lip pink bundles of spring

    settled on the ground like

  severed limbs;

  i remember

how the rain

would fall     from her thumbs   and the does would run

    to her for water.

i remember how

  she always seemed

to float

a few feet


    the ground.

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