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flying chef

By Satoshi Iwai From Issue No. 8

He is a flying chef who works for a flying restaurant. Every day he cooks for the banished angels who are on the way to the sinful earth, so he has been busy recently. When he washes the dishes with the midnight rain and wipes them with the silky clouds, the stars start twinkling for him. His specialty is fried pigeon, fried flying pigeon to be exact. He uses knives and tongs so quickly that the birds never perceive themselves being chopped while flying. Even after soaked in hot oil, they are still flying in rows of sliced meat. The waiter carries them on his arm like a handler. The chef’s fiancée, staying on the earth, waters a pea plant every night. When the beanstalk reaches the moon, they will go on their honeymoon. They already have a little son who has slimy wings on his back. He makes a practice of chopping sparrows every afternoon.

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