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By Chinua Ezenwa-Ohaeto From Issue No. 7

Once I was a warden of flaying shy asterisk.

Now a concierge of bold ampersand.

The stars in me owl into a collected postscripts.

I wave at myself hiking the sun.

Does it flow like this elsewhere, this river of loneliness

Granule-ing the cores of my being?

There is a pelican ostriching the robin-eagle of my swift.

I watch the light answer to my desires: I mean the words

Ordained in my pancreatic shelves babying little graces.

I unhay this moment.

Hold for me a little longer this smile nestling at my desires.

I embrace my dolphins and unfurl into a gallery of audacious ampersands.

I eagle swift here and unfurl into a gallery of gallant ampersands.

I know the joy rays by molecules.

I stand on my worries dancing with origami of lighthouses.

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