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Core Values (Interview Poem)

By Koss From Issue No. 7

She reads you a list of their core values

Two word pairings, all shallow

Then comes the test, and you have to

Pick only one, the best one

The core value that speaks the loudest

To your character, your being

At this point, the interview is getting

Personal, so personal, you could almost

Be talking to a friend or a therapist

You might even want to sit

On her lap

You choose, “Grow or die,” and add

“It is scary” — wrong answer

Another bombed interview

Over values—maybe you have no values

Yet none of the word pairings

Make sense, they are just cartoon balloons

Arbitrarily hung in the nebula

Like paper moons

They are slogan like

But not slogans

Void candy

Gob stoppers

Jobs not gotten

You decide to make up your own values

That you might shout like a cheerleader

In repetition while twirling ecstatically

over the gym floor

You bundle them with your own

business methodology for entrepreneurs:

Born to lose

Shit or ricochet

Must we pretend so hard

My cat farted


Snatcho, the secret Marx brother

Day-old crotches of underwear rise out of the ashes

I’d really love a sandwich right now

My application is in the mail

Good night sweethearts of the rich, the clever, the

Indescribably successful

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