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By Franklin K.R. Cline From Issue No. 5

Precious says us

when she talks about mental illness

we remark on each other’s yearning

Ephraim would love to hear from me I call him he doesn’t pick up


this is Ephraim please leave a message after the beep thank you

At some point Ephraim said this

into his phone I sit

there hearing

him say it


but not him

I went out for a cigarette with Shanae and Shanae’s pup Merkie wouldn’t shit

All of my friends are buying things

To stave off loneliness, what do we do what do we do to stave off loneliness

Six’s fur sticks out when she lays on her back

like the thick paint on a Van Gogh painting

I like to go to museums and smoke pot

in the bathroom

maybe get a cup of coffee anyway

I’m getting divorced and it’s not so bad

I talk to someone on the phone every day

the apartment

squeaks happily

sometimes I go downstairs

and see my neighbors we

have dinner or smoke blunts or both


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