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100% Frick

By Dylan Ecker From Issue No. 7

Shout out to all the Gregs

but not the Gregorys because

the word “gory” reminds me of

the Saw movies which I hate

and sure, that’s not the fault

of any one particular Gregory

but as a collective I just won’t

stand idly by having to think

about thankless revenge and

God absolutely 100% frick

that and frick you, Gregory,

you frickin dared me to

stick my head underwater

for as long as I possibly could

and I was a minute in when

I felt your palms press down

on my skull and your fingers

tighten around my nose, but

it was only a joke, yeah, okay

Gregory, I laughed then

like friends are supposed to

like almost getting killed and

after that I would talk to you

across the lunch table wanting

the whole time for your apple

to be mealy, your forever

to be a frickin bland slice.

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