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Issue 6

Release Date: Oct 1, 2019

Follow Prunewraith Flatchgobbet IV as he guides you through the delightfully spooky Outlook Springs Manor on a dark and stormy night. Along the way, you will encounter wordwork by Rit Bottorf, Audra Kerr Brown, Matthew Cheney, Rachel Downs, Max Andrew Dubinsky, Jennifer Evans, Federico Federici, Meg Frances, Khaleel Gheba, Dave Housley, John Jodzio, Stacey C. Johnson, Elizabeth Kirkpatrick-Vrenios, Charlene Koski, Nat Myers, Rainie Oet, Sam Pekarske, Sandra Ramirez, Keith Rosson, Mikey Swanberg, and Elizabeth Wing.

  • All the Fun Things We Did Without You
  • Here All Along
  • Little Miss Demeanor and the Jailbreak Boy Make Their Escape
  • Migration
  • Pterodactyl Tarator (or Dinosaur Soup)
  • Seldom Understood by All
  • Ghost Cams
  • 4th Elegy
  • Eat The—
  • Elegies for Lunch
  • Evening I Am Not Young
  • Horny on Main
  • If Firebombed, No Memorial
  • In Nelson
  • Into the Dusk-Charged Exhaust
  • It Is Enough
  • My First Speech as the Head of This Sub-Committee
  • My Grandfather Speaking in His Sleep
  • Poem
  • Quiet Country in the Name of Fields
  • Stanzas of the Empty Wood
  • Twenny Tinny Nine, a Year of Our Lord