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Adagium Latinus Speciosus is a top secret message, you probably wouldn't understand it anyways

Outlook Springs is a literary journal from another dimension. It is devoted to fiction, poetry, and nonfiction tinged with the strange.

Reading Periods

Fiction, Poetry, Nonfiction

Submissions for Issue 9 are open until December 14th, 2022.

Human Beings Involved
(or, The Masthead)

Once and Future King
Andrew R. Mitchell TWITTLER

Jeremy John Parker TWITTLER

Art Director
Nathaniel Parker Raymond WOBSITE

Fiction Editor
Jeremy John Parker TWITTLER

Poetry Editors
Jayce Russell TWITTLER
Al Russell

Non-fiction Editor
Becca Van Horn WOBSITE

Current Readers
Viv Mah
Lindz McLeod
Ayesha Owais
S. Elizabeth Sigler
Luke Nichol
Carter Palumbo
Magdalene Farren